This is a complex grade i done in Resolve consisting of around 10 nodes.

Here is a breakdown of each node (each swipe represents a separate node)

1-Balanced the shot (white balance, exposure)
2-Selected the skin using the qualifier tool, added saturation, brightened exposure and added a tint of orange to midtones and highlights.
3-Selected the hair, added saturation and a tint of red/brown to midtones.
4-Selected the eyes, added saturation, brightened exposure, added green to midtones and blue to highlights to make the whites more white.
5-Selected the scarf, added saturation, added red to midtones.
6-Adjusted the lift, gamma and gain to get the black and white levels correct.
7-Added a subtle S curve to boost contrast.
8-Added a soft vignette around her face, desaturated it to around 40% and added some blue to the shadows and midtones and red to highlights.
9-Shapened it slightly
10-Made any final changes to the shot.

There's not 10 swipes because some swipes contain more than one node.

Check out this amazing tutorial probably the best Davinci tutorial out there

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