Director of Photography - Allen E. Ho
contact: 949-701-8817

A collection of work that I have shot in the last two years. I could not have done it without an amazing cast and crew on each of these projects. Here is a list of credit in the order they appear:

"Riding with Elephants" dir. Phillip Sheldon - Feature Documentary, RED Scarlet (2013)
"Giraffage - Close2Me" dir. Paul Amadeus Kim - Music Video, RED Epic (2013)
"The Midwife's Husband" dir. Deja Bernhardt - Narrative Short, Panavision 35mm - Kodak 5213 (2012)
"Magpie" dir. Russell O. Bush - Narrative Short, RED One (2012)
"New Mexican Rain" dir. Amber Sealey - Film Independent Directing Labs (Narrative Feature) - RED Scarlet (2013)
"Western Ghost House - Branded" - dir. Brittany Washington - Music Video - RED One (2011)
"Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros" dir. Art Perez - La Blogotheque Show, Regina SK, Canon 5D (2013)
"Self Portrait" dir. Minh Le Trinh - Narrative Short, RED Scarlet (2013)

Montage sequence:
"Bedside Manners" dir. Brittany Washington - Narrative Short, Canon 7D (2011)
"Broken" dir. Melissa Porter - Narrative Short, Arri Super16mm - Fuji 8683 (2011)
"Mother's Day" - Jesse Klein - Narrative Short, Canon 7D (2011)
"The Eastern Sea - The Snow" dir. Brittany Washington - Music Video (2011)

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