DePaul University Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK)
ASK Networking Breakfast: 21st Century Skills
Tuesday, June 11, 2013 - Chicago, Illinois

Continuous innovation in technology has enhanced our work processes across job functions. What used to take days now only takes minutes. What used to require five people, now only requires one. With easy access to abundant information and rapid changes in tools, "tech-savvy" is a quality that is no longer reserved for IT professionals nor the “young ones.” No matter what your age or discipline is, your world of work is evolving. How are employer expectations changing in response to these innovations? What skills should you build to stay competitive in the modern workplace?

At the Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK) June 11, 2013 Networking Breakfast, ASK mentors Jennifer Kopczynski and Alma Mendez Ceballos led the discussion on the importance of hard and soft skills in the modern workplace.

Part 1 - Welcome and Introduction to speakers
Part 2 - Critical Thinking
Part 3 - Presentation
Part 4 - Collaboration
Part 5 - Employer Expectations
Part 6 - Standing Out
Part 7 - Resources

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