Learn How To Bounce Back Quickly From Sports Mistakes Part 4


One of the things is to teach them how to recover quickly after mistakes, because if we don't then there is the doubt factor that creeps in. I think being able to do those three "R's" -- recognize, regroup, re-focus; have them understand how to find a positive mantra that they can repeat over and over.

Another great way is to write out a confidence resume like that list of strengths. "These are reasons I have to succeed."

I have watched pro athletes write out a confidence resume with me, laminate it, put it in their locker or their bag, and take that to competition. They would read that before every competition. They would remind themselves these are all the reasons I have to be successful today.

They are not focused on "Well what if I do this? And what if I do that?" It is focused on what am I good at. Let me go focus on those things.The funny thing is they tend to get more of those things.

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