Is there a way to be the first aware of the latest challenges, trends and innovations within the manufacturing & technology field? There is! By bringing together several top–rated conferences as well as assembling board-level decision-makers, we.CONECT provides the invaluable opportunity to discuss actual topics concerning mechanical and plant engineering or operational efficiency with a huge number of business professionals.

600+ international Delegates, Business Partner and Solution Providers from e.g. Automotive, Electronic, Shipbuilding, Plant Construction and Engineering industry gather and benefit from an incomparable business exchange within 200+ case studies.

In order to bring concrete answers to daily business concerns, renowned speakers come together and exchange their experiences during large-scale networking activities and interactive sessions such as World Cafés, Challenge your Peers Round Tables, Morning- and Lunch Sessions, Trainings and Harvesting Sessions. Have a look, get in touch and take part:

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