The INOVELI throttle handle is an innovative accelerator system developed to control the power of any handlebar equipped machine as motorbikes, atv, watercraft, scooters, and snowmobile.

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With the INOVELI's accelerator system, the fingers are always on the brake lever and this, whatever the user's control on the throttle.

To keep fingers on the brake lever at all times eliminates the latency to activate the lever found on rotating handles.

With rotating handles, the user attempts to keep his fingers on the brakes to anticipate braking. Yet, once the decision to brake is taken, the user has to wait for the throttle control to return to idle before starting to activate the brake lever.

A professional racer can activate very rapidly the brake lever (i.e... in little less than 200ms). At 50 Km/h, these 200ms latency corresponds to a distance traveled of 2.8m before the braking action may occur. At 100 km/h this additional distance is obviously doubled, at 5.6m. This latency time increases the braking distance and thus affects the pilot's performances and above all safety.

Thanks to INOVELI's system the user has no latency for braking enjoying a significant increase in performance and safety.

This new innovative system provides lots of advantages in comparison with classic throttle handle systems (motorbike, scooter, ATV, watercraft, snowmobile), by improving significantly vehicle control, performance and safety.

-Anti-rotating handle system for optimal grasp
-Maximum grasp: all fingers are permanently in contact on the handle
-Permanent and linear thumb proximal phalanx locking effect
-Convergent control system: the more you accelerate, the more you grasp

-Extreme accuracy of the gas command due to thumb use
-The command control and the grasp are fully differentiated
-Symmetric handlebar control due to symetric left and right grasp
-Easy to perform any kind of gas command regardless of the pilot's position

-Engine gas command never affected by shocks
-Special ergonomics providing a full sideward blocking
-Decreasing of cramps and tendon injuries
-No incidental acceleration in strong traction condition

-Wrist is always straight allowing better shock absorption
-Special ergonomics providing reduced grasp effort
-Palm energy chamber system for shocks absorption
-Technical grip zones to improve handle control and feeling

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