Solavei Phone Got A NEW NUMBER----469-537-5671
Is Solavei Phones a scam?
Solavei™ Phones scam is what you might hear from a very few people that are not informed and do not know anything about Solavei Phones. So here I decided to include a few of my own thoughts on the company.
Solavei Phones is a new cell phone service that is premiering in the U.S. and that allows people to make money while others sign up under them and join one of the best cell phone plans there is. It's only $49 bucks a month for unlimited talk, text, and data. And it's more than just a cell phone service, it's part of a mobile platform that is embedded into a social network of people connecting and creating a great culture, something that hasn't really been a part of advertising and a network through lately. I would say Facebook has come close but where Solavei Phones shines is that people are able to truly connect through a mobile platform without the constant dribble of ads, and instead of being constantly bombarded with ads -- Solavei Phones creates a culture where people recommend goods and services through word of mouth and not through what a computer thinks we might need. It really brings out that unity of human connection.
So is Solavei Phones™ a scam?
Many people like to jump right into conclusions from the get go without doing due diligence on the product and business enterprise.
I can give you all the facts on why Solavei Phones cell phone service is not a scam, yet unless you do your own independent research, then you won't know for sure. The truth is that Solavei Phones is a dream company for many people from experienced marketers to those new to sales and promotions. This business is open to anyone; from those wanting to make some extra money and all the way to those who want to dedicate themselves to promoting the service full time.
A company of this magnitude gets a lot of looking into on many levels, from citizens all the way up to government departments. Millions of dollars have been invested into this company and it will surpass into a billion dollar company in no time.
So let me ask you... why on heavens would anyone risk so much money, and the reputation of many top executives who are now part of Solavei Phones management, all to make this company into a scam?
The truth is that for anyone creating a business of this magnitude, both in money and with an A team -- you won't risk it all and spend so much time and effort all for it to be a "scam." This is the brain child of some very gifted people that have rare talent for launching start ups and making them into incredible enterprises. Their experience and track record speaks for itself.
So in my honest opinion, no Solavei Phones is not a scam -- far from it. Solavei Phones is a company run by people that deeply care to bring forth a valuable service, and to bring innovation during a time when America needs it the most. To me, being a part of that is more valuable than any money that you can make by running anything else but a top pristine business with a vision to over deliver to it's customers.
Solavei Phones scam will be the words of a few close minded people. That's just how life is with some people with anything they come across in life.
I spent hours and hours doing research before committing to this opportunity. And in the end I realize that everything check out 100 percent clear, and on top of that what do I have to lose if it doesn't work out? There is no capital investment other than the cell phone service which I'll end up using anyways. There are no hidden fees and everything is laid out very clearly. So don't think that somehow you're gonna get conned, scammed or anything like that.
And also, in doing my part when I sign other people up into my team I'm offering tools and training completely free. So you'll be getting training that I've spend thousands of dollars for, along with my experience in working in the tech industry in the silicon valley with start ups, product launches and marketing -- and you're getting all of my own tools and training for free. Nothing to pay.
So rest assure that once you are in my team we will work as a team.
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