The contents of this week's show:

1. How many fucks do we give about Wilden? ZERO
2. Fashion Moment : Caleb's Vietnam Homeless Vet Coat
3. Fashion Moment : Ice cream haven ... WTF is this. Epic vintage fabric but really?
4. Fashion Moment : Aria and Spencer as the totally epic goth Cure twins
5. Fashion Moment : Emily in camo. Her father's survival vest??
6. Fashion Moment : Shoes. Legs. Calves. OH ... MAH ... GAWD.
7. Fashion Moment : Hanna's epic outfit. More vintage prints.
8. Fashion Moment : Caleb's "Mothman" incomprehensible chubacabra print t-shirt. WTF is that?
9. Fashion Moment : For a minute we liked Spencer's outfit and then she stood up ...
10. Fashion Moment : Radley Nurse ... and then ... SHAZAM!!!!!! (The beginning of the end)
11. "That Shit Is Shazam"
12. Fashion Moment : Amazingly sweet Aria outfit. Great matchup! TRON inspiration.
13. Jakes face .... are you hurt or are you injured ... STFU Jake
14. Jake is SANS Shazam
15. Fashion Moment : Hanna's great outfit ... oh wait ... another waist belt ... ANTI-Shazam ...
16. More poppin lips and shazam ....
17. Fashion Moment : Melissa looks GOOD. Drunk bitch with a beautiful jacket.
18. We narrate the "Suitcase scene" instead of Spencer
19. Melissa's A.S.S
20. Upright and well lit ARMY WOOD and raw meat.
21. ARMY ASS and Emily in the mirror ... why??? REFLECTION OF DEJECTION
22. Shazam lips on Emily's dad .... Pinkness.
23. Fashion Moment : Aria's "pigeons shit on your grandmother" shirt
24. Spencer's Indiana Jones outfit
25. Fashion Moment : Aria's epic poured in pants.
27. The biggest kettle in the WORLD on the HIGHEST FLAMES ever!
28. That gas stove needs some serious repair. You could lose your eyebrows.
29. The whistling kettle adds tension and shazam
30. The kettle screams like Donald Sutherland in Invasion of the Body Snatchers

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