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The video “Copyright & Creativity” has been produced with the goal of making copyright compelling to creators and average Internet users, trying to demonstrate that it is not just a set of rules but an interesting world worth exploring. One of the most delicate goals of copyright is to strike a balance between protecting creative works and allowing the public to use them.
We thought that the quotation “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants” – meaning that every new creation is based on something that has been created in the past – would have been an effective way to express these concepts. This metaphor is commonly referred to Newton, but apparently it was first attributed to Bernard of Chartres... In our view, all these elements create a nice story to introduce the mechanisms of copyright law to the public.

This video is part of the project copyrightuser.org

Produced by Bartolomeo Meletti
Creative Direction: Marco Bagni
Script: Bartolomeo Meletti, Marco Bagni
Storyboard /Design / Animation: Marco Bagni
Illustrations: Davide Bonazzi
Voice-Over: Nathan Revill
Music / SFX: Sarc:o
Academic Contributors: Maurizio Borghi, Ronan Deazley, Kris Erickson, Martin Kretschmer, Dinusha Mendis, Ruth Towse

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