This is the version 2.5 firmware released summer 2013
together with the version 7 hardware.
(this version firmware is offcourse also compatible with older RX, and they can all be user upgraded)
The serial out of the receiver reveals live the number of good frames, bad frames, failsafes,
you dont need PC connection to capture any data while flying,
Land, then connect to pc via serial port (usb converter) and you see the values accumulated during your flight.
Reboot the RX to zero all values.
You can also capture the serial data WHILE flying using a serial logger,
and then later analyze it via height and distance. (we dont make or sell data loggers for this, but sparkfun do)
This type of minimum information, is always enabled, the other functions, live RSSI, or live channel bads,
can be configured to be turned on/off.

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