Koepke Morning 08d imagery is an original painting of mine, overlooking the Mariemont Garden site.
This is a screen cast of my final project, and the idea builds on my Draft Project, vimeo.com/69383798.
Another iteration of the project and the original sound file are posted on my Vimeo site: vimeo.com/user5685207
• Intent is a creative and emotive expression of waking up to sounds of nature and drifting back to sleep and a dream-like state of consciousness. Mouse drag and release shifts the sound along with the gradient background adding to the effect of the transition between a dream state and the full awakening in the emerging dawn.
• Bird calls and other atmospheric sounds were created from another Coursera class, Digital Sound Design that I took earlier this year. I used two players of the same audio track to create some depth vs. the overlapping imagery used in the draft project.
• The final version adapts some feedback I received from the first round. The screen cast opens with the image against a white background with a pointillized interpretation of the original painting, which is generated through code developed by Daniel Shiffman. The code reads the original image and maps to ellipses with the same color range as the original painting.
• Upon mouse click and drag, the image is wiped out, replaced with a sliding gradient that acts sort of like an etch-a-sketch. The background can be shifted to create different field-ground relationships with the pointillism that continues to rebuild the image.
• The ellipses are small at the left side and largest on the right. I found myself making tiny ellipses, chasing the bird calls in the treetops, and flooding the sketch with giant blobs during the low, wavering tones. It was lots of fun and I feel good about what I learned. I can imagine inserting other paintings into this program to get a feeling about how to approach new artworks.

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