This is the first video in a two-part series about Lightroom 4 (see Part 2 here: This first segment explains some of the differences between the old and new processes, how the new tools work, and the ways they affect an image's appearance. Here are some of the main points:

- The automatic highlight recovery and black point setting in the new process (2:00)

- Why you should avoid updating older images to the new process—unless you want to start over (5:04)

- The new tools: some of the names are familiar, but they all behave differently (7:30)

- Starting points: the numbers are different, but the defaults are really the same (8:53)

- An in-depth look at each of the new Basic Tone controls and how they work (12:38)

In the second video I'll talk about workflow in the new process. I'll show examples of processing both high-contrast and low-contrast images, talk about what settings you should start with, and discuss whether the new and improved Basic sliders can replace using curves.

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