The project developed in the discipline of Project & Technology, specialization course in Audiovisual from Video Arts Escola Secundária Artística Soares dos Reis, was the design of a short fiction film with the time limit of four minutes addressing the topic Borders.

Storyline |
Matthew Morgan is an anthropomorphic creature who, despite an aggressive and animalistic aspect, is able to feel love. This love manifests itself in the face of a woman, a charming woman - Jennifer Harrisson. She can see beyond the mutated form of Matthew and desperately tries to call for his attention. He sees Jennifer in the impossible love between man and animal and with the evolution of this crazy dance, feels increasingly torn between the beast and the man. Eventually he succumb to their animal and Jennifer struggle for power that he delivered to his human face. She is led to despair, like Matthew, who pounces on her, like an animal that he is. But Jennifer, like Matthew at the beginning, understands the impossibility of their love and then she goes away.

Best Editing Award 2011/2012


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