Pia Johnson ::: Finding Yourself at Home Alone
Bonnie Hanlon ::: Hard-on for Homewares
As the darkened clouds roll in and the sunlight hours dwindle we find ourselves recoiling to the relative comfort of the home. This July, two artists take unique approaches to contemplating our sense of self in this domestic setting.

Pia Johnson explores concepts of belonging, aloneness and identity through a series of intimate self-portraits in Finding Yourself at Home Alone. Using the home as a place of reflection, Johnson portrays the intensity of personal experience within our most intimate of environments. Dark, introspective and sometimes playful, these carefully constructed images depict vignettes of an ongoing interior landscape.

Bonnie Hanlon unlocks her nesting drive with candid and personal works that look at what makes a house a home. Hard-on for Homewares is about yearning, desires and the sweet and somber expression of trying to find a sense of belonging and security. Revealing her self-professed hard-on for homewares as more than just a desire for furnishings, she considers the romantic and the realistic ideas about how and why we seek to feather our nests.

OPENING SATURDAY 13 JULY, 4:30 - 7pm at stockroom
13 July to 04 August 2013

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