The Graduating Black Belt Students at the Ichiban BB Spectacular, June 07, 2013. South Kingstown HS auditorium.

I regret that I experimented with taking still images while recording video clips! I thought it was a cool feature of the camera (which I had never used…I wish I hadn’t experimented at the BB Spectacular however!)

It is nice that you can take a full resolution still image (RAW) while recording HD video, *but*, this causes the video clip to PAUSE in stop-action with no sound for a split second, and it misses a few frames of the live action. It is very distracting!

So, I edited out all of the “pauses” in the video while a still image was being captured, but, now you will see a “jump” in the clip, since a few frames of live action were lost while the still image was being recorded. So… It’s not the fault of the camera…it was the *camera operator* taking stills while recording video. I won’t ever do that again!

Camera: GH3, Lens: Lumix 12-35 f2.8 (the lens was rented from Lens Rentals. A very nice lens. Someday I'd love to own it, is it expensive!)
Settings: {-2, -2, -1, -3}. Recorded 1080/60p @ 50Mbs, but encoded at 30fps before uploading to Vimeo.
Shot in Shutter Priority Mode with Fixed SS=1/100. I normally shoot in full manual, but, with the 12-35, I knew I would be doing some zooms and was worried that even with fixed f2.8, the exposure might not be correct as the stage scenes vary with spotlights etc. So, I relied on the AE of the camera to compensate. I also used Continuous Auto Focus On. The GH3 with the 12-35 lens is amazing at AF. I did have to set the Exposure Compensation to very low levels (typically -2 EV +/- 0.5) or else the AE would want to make the scene FAR TOO BRIGHT, even when using Center Weighted metering. It would do this by boosting the ISO to absurdly high levels so most of the scene was 'well exposed', but.I did not want 'good exposure' on the black curtain or the floor, I wanted good exposure on the karate students. I also regret where we sat. As a parent of a graduating BB we had great reserved seats right up front, but, alas, we were *too* close so had to look up at the stage, and, except when they are can't even see the students feet.

Oh well. Just a parent and not a pro, so...I'll do better next time!

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