Installation: Andrea Kustic
Performance: Maja Dobrila
Caffe Grinch
Rijeka, Croatia, 9.9.2009.

The Installation is made entirely out of sand. The technique is similar to ancient sand paintings of Tibet, Aborigines or Indians. The symbolic meaning of an sand mandala varies from culture to culture, but there are two things in common; they are spiritual by intent and the key element in this spirituality is the destruction of the mandala after it is completed.

This composition is based on motifs such as; wires, electronic conduits, silicone chips found inside most of today's consumer electronics. Those motifs are interpreted and abstracted using color and contrast and then moulded into a geometrical composition. The technology motif represents the technology in general, as a symbol of contemporary materialism.

The performance emphasizes the act of destruction, and creates an environment for research of the emotion, notion of releasing, letting go of the materialistic element. This act, in the context of contemporary society, represents in the same time the truth and the heresy. The truth being the negative segment of destruction, incorporated in every fiber of today's civilization, and the heresy in a sense of the capitalistic imperative; produce or die. It is exactly this contrast and dualism, and the emotions that come from it, that are the basis of this project; the research of the energy charge in this non-permanence.

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