This series of videos was created to help promote Brunel University sports clubs through a series of short adverts. Also, mash up of all the videos was used to promote Varsity 2013 Sports Games between Brunel University and St. Mary's University.

All the videos were filmed on RED Epic camera with 16-35mm f2.8L Canon lens. The actions were captured in 200fps at 2k resolution. It was my final year project and required a lot of preparation work, organisation and collaboration between myself, Union of Brunel Students and sports men and women.

After the shot was finished, I edited the videos on Premiere Pro CS6, created the graphics in Illustrator and animated it in After Effects using Expressions.

Special thanks go to people who were directly involved in making all these video possible: Brunel University staff and technicians, Gary O'Brien (project manager and talent scout/direction), Chris Oakley (on-set technician), Daniel Barker (assist) and Oliver Doyle (sound design).

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