I love time lapsing storms, but one issue that's always bothered me is rain drops accumulating on the lens. Rain drops make for a very messy image and blur the time lapse to the point of "why bother". Throw in a few lightening bolts diffracting in all those rain drops and you end up with mostly useless footage. So, I built a device to solve the issue and this video is it's first real world test.

The amount and intensity of rain hitting the camera is much greater than the video would seem to portray and that's kind of the point, a nice clean image in the midst of heavy rain.

There are commercial devices that do the same thing, but good luck finding even a basic model for less than $2500. Mine cost about $70 and a little time. Most of the parts were purchased at Lowe's and Hobby Lobby. Compared to the commercial models, my device is: inelegant, bulky, noisy, a small pain to set-up and requires it's own tripod. I'll solve some of those issues in the next build.

My goal this summer is to set myself directly in the path of the rain/hail core of a severe-warned storm and let it pass directly over me. That should make an interesting time lapse sequence.

Music: "Gravity" by Nethis on ccmixter.org/

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