Every morning, early in the morning, while the sun still rests...
Get up and move to the track, to take every possible minute of sunlight
Long run in our yellow "Porsche" (the dreisin), getting on and off, on and off, on and off, leaving our legs absolutely dead. A corridor of war histories, with dammged rails, exploded bridges, abandoned carriages. Histories of an estrategic corridor to link North and South of Mozambique (to where i was about to go, at the beginning of my professional life).
Histories of the colonial war and the followed civil war.
Histories of pain and horror that are meant to be left behind.
Histories of Africa's fight for independence and stability,
Histories that brought up to my mind one of my heroes of youth, Steve Biko. I keep the movie in my brain and the immortal tribute to him (composed by Peter Gabriel) in my heart. I leave you with this song while going through a less known Africa, from Sena to Tete, as a cry out loud of the uselessness of wars.

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