Have scenes from your script read, performed and workshopped by professional actors and directors at the London Screenwriters' Festival LondonSWF.com.

Get real and practical insight into how your words are interpreted and performed by actors, the very people who are trained to breath life into them.

Widely used in both features and TV in the US, this ‘Table Read’ process will enable you to better see the problems you simply cannot see on the page. This new and unique perspective will help you discover…

Dialogue that may be unnecessary (helping you cut and tighten your script)
Character dynamics that don’t work (helping you rewrite to improve and clarify)
Experience improvisation (you will end up getting credit for their great ideas!)
Experience the dynamic energy when your script is performed (unmissable and exciting)
Understand better the reasons for rewrites (so you don’t send angry emails to the producer and regret it later)

This session will offer you the opportunity to take your writing up a notch, turning a good script into a GREAT script.

All Actors and Directors participating in ‘The Script Read’ will be working professionals. A large proportion of successful projects are born out of ‘relationships’, and this experience should also be looked upon as an opportunity to forge strong connections with potential new creative collaborators.

Whether your script is a drama, comedy, horror or thriller, we guarantee that you will learn more about your writing and how to improve your script in this session, than from any amount of reader feedback.


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