Omanisa is a naturopath and spiritual counsellor living in Palmerston in the Northern Territory. She specialises in sketching, reading and healing people's auras.

Aware of many people's uncertainty of alternate forms of healing, Omanisa shows her work is actually grounded in reality. She listens to and uses the natural world around her to help heal people, just as many healers in cultures across the world have done for thousands of years.

"I am also intrigued by the connections I find between the work I do as a healer and modern day research into the fields of neuroscience, psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) and neurotheology. Like most of my family, I am fascinated by the mind! In my spare time, I love writing, reading, bush walking, making flower essences, photographing wildflowers and painting."
(An excerpt from Omanisa's website.)

A Spiritual Healer was created by Jasper Martin as a part of the Day in a Life Video Workshop series. He was supported by ABC Open Top End Producer Peta Khan and camera assistance by Leigh Bramall.

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