April 2010. Dillsburg, York County, Pennsylvania. Mirah Riben, adoption expert + author Shedding Light: The Dark Side of Adoption. Adoption has nothing to do with "best interests" of the child; it has more to do with the financial livelihood of adoption operators - private religious + non-profits. Home studies, paperwork, + follow ups are not adhered to. Profits is the main consideration. Children are abused, raped, murdered. Matthew Mancuso is a classic case. No home study was done. The single man who adopted didn't have a bed or even a room for this child. He adopted the child intending to put her in his bed. The only reason she was discovered and saved was due to an FBI sting which found the child porn he was producing of her and putting online. Masha was adopted in the U.S. by a pedophile and resulted in a new law - 'Masha's Law' which makes downloading porn a crime.
More on law + story hamptonroads.com/2009/10/victim-child-porn-seeks-damages-viewers?cid=srch

4/29/2010, Nathaniel Craver / born Ivan Skorobogatov Starved, beaten, + bound. Dr Wayne Ross testified at hearing, Northern York County. Nathaniel died Aug 25, 2009 at Hershey Medical Center from traumatic brain injury coupled w severe "failure to thrive". Ross said the injuries to Nathaniel's swollen head were caused by repetitive blunt force trauma; same observation as to the numerous bruises on the boy's arms, legs, chest, abdomen + torso. The pathologist did not the bottom of his feet. Ross said the boy "looked like he was starved to death";he had "less than a millimeter" of body fat at the time of his death. The boy's face and head were distorted by swelling and looked "like a balloon." Other findings include anemia, brain scarring, indications that the boy's shoulders and hips had been dislocated, and that he had been bound at the wrists and ankles. Sandra Atkins, Michael Craver's aunt, testified she visited the Craver home a week before Nathaniel was taken to the hospital. The left side of the boy's face was "very, very swollen." "His little eyes were swollen and almost shut". Nathaniel was lethargic and "not playing like he normally would." She noticed a healing scar on the back of Nathaniel's head. She said Nathaniel whispered in her ear "Needle" and "Mommy."

Matthew Mancuso Case & Masha's Law.
Matthew Mancuso, 49, Disney World Florida, Pedophilia / Child Porn Production 2007. Mancuso took pictures of sex acts w the child. Photographs were taken during two visits to Walt Disney World; the first at Contemporary Resort in 2000, the second at Port Orleans Resort in 2001. The victim, Masha Allen only 13YO told her story. Matthew Mancuso a divorced father in Plum Pennsylvania was looking for a little girl to adopt in 1998. He contacted a New Jersey adoption agency requesting info on 5YO Caucasian girls and chose the victim from a videotape. Mancuso traveled to Russia to meet her and visited Masha several times at the orphanage; He took her to dinner and bought her candy.
An American adoption agency completed the adoption in Russia. New Jersey based Reaching Out through International Adoption (ROTIA) had limited involvement in providing travel assistance to Mancuso prior to finalization. Pittsburgh-based Family Adoption Council, Inc completed the home study on Mancuso and issued a letter to Russian officials agreeing to provide post-placement reporting for a minimum of 3years.
The adoption agency failed to do a background check on Mancuso. No phone calls were made to his ex-wife or to his biological daughter, Rachelle. Manucuso had sexually abused Rachelle regularly and had had no contact with her since she was 13, and Rachelle says she would have told anyone who had they asked.
Mancuso did not have a previous sex offender criminal record. The odd thing is single men are very rarely allowed to adopt girls. Yet, this adoption went through without a glitch.
When the girl arrived in the U.S. she learned she would be sleeping in the same bed as Mancuso. The first night in America, he sexually assaulted the child, which continued every night there after. The child was forced to live as sex slave with Mancuso, while he created kiddie porn from their acts, which he then posted on the internet. The details of their daily life together was horrific.
FBI agents arrested Mancuso at his house in 2003. Nov 2007 he was sentenced in Allegheny County Pennsylvania Common Pleas court to another to 35-70 years state time on 11 counts: rape of a child, aggravated indecent assault, unlawful contact with a minor, unlawful restraint, incest, corruption of a minor, child endangering, and 2 charges each of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse w a child + indecent assault of a child under age 13.
Masha's Law - cruisebruise.com/Disney/Matthew_Mancuso.html

Dec 2005. Heroic Young Girl Tells of Her Horrific Ordeal; Focus of International Probe abcnews.go.com/Primetime/LegalCenter/story?id=1364110

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