Bali is about to become an environmental disaster! Piles of rubbish are getting dumped on the side of the roads, onto the beaches, into the rivers, floating into the sea. Surfers and swimmers get sick regularily from the sewage in the seawater. The food is covered in toxic chemicals or flavoured with MSG. Not to think of the future consequences of these practices on the fast growing tourism industry - the island's only source of income - and even more horrifying the health risks for the people.
But thankfully there are people like Wayan Tusan, a young Balinese man, who wants to help his village to become more clean and environmental friendly. He received training from the Indonesian NGO "Role Foundation" to become an "Environmental Ambassador". This course has equiped him with the skills and education to champion improvements in Town Planning, Waste Management and Eco-Tourism in his own communities but is now seeking supporters and sponsors beyond.
If you want to support him, contact Wayan on or
Camera, Photography, Montage: Barbara Nickl; Additional Photography: Paris Spellson; Interview and Translation: Noelie Svara.

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