National Programme for Family Planning and Primary Health Care, Punjab, Pakistan

The NPFP&PHC was established in 1994. It has trained and developed a large community-based workforce of health service providers. The Lady Health Worker (LHW) is the core component of this program and has more than 20 community-based tasks to perform; these include healthcare behavioral change communication for preventive, curative and promotion of services covering aspects of maternal, newborn, child health and primary healthcare. The core objectives of the NPFP&PHC are to improve maternal child and newborn health, provide family planning services, and integrate the primary health services to the community levelThe e-monitoring pilot is based on low cost entry level smart phones and mobile connectivity is already underway at the LHWP.
The objective of the E-Monitoring pilot was to address the challenges faced by the programme’s traditional monitoring system:  Lady Health Supervisor’s and Field Programme Officer’s monitoring visits to the LHW’s health house and beneficiaries often do not take place and reports, if any, are not collected and analyzed.
LHS and FPOs have to enter the results of the visit to the health house of the LHW, including a self-photo to prove that they were present at the time of the monitoring visit. The information is automatically uploaded and validated into a database. 

A data dashboard generates real time reports with user-friendly charts and maps about the location of the monitor and information related to the beneficiaries. A quick assessment of the KPIs of the LHWs can be done looking at the beneficiary related data.

The LHS uploads forms by visiting target mothers and young, infant and newborn children. Forms include, Child Health, Family Planning, Maternal, NewBorn, Community Support Group, and Special Tasks.

This monitoring tool is particularly relevant since poor performance and absenteeism are critical challenges for developing countries. Further, the E-Monitoring pilot intends to determine certain performance-based incentives, such as POL provision to field-workers based on compliance.

Dr Akthar Rashid, the Provincial Coordinator has been spear-heading this initiative in Punjab.

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