They say opposites attract. In Joe and Racheal’s case it couldn't be truer. They are certainly each other’s better halves or even one yin and one yang coming together to be one.

When you watch Joe and Racheal, you’ll find yourself amused by just how different they both can be and yet so compatible at the same time. Joe’s quiet manner compliments Racheal’s outgoing persona and Racheal’s enthusiasm constantly brings a smile to Joe’s face almost every minute of the day.

You know true love when you see it. My friends, this is it.

If you ever imagined seeing what true love is or what a happily ever after story is in reality, Joe and Racheal is the epitome of it. There was not a single dry eye in the room that night when they exchanged their vows to love and be with each other forever.

I caught myself constantly wiping away tears from my eyes more than I expected as I looked upon her friends and family members smiling away for the deliriously happy couple and sniffling as I hear the speeches that Joe and Racheal said to each other.

The love they had for each other was big enough and amazing enough to warm anyone’s heart.

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Director/DP/Editing - Nigel Sia
Camera #2 - Stanley Hang
Assistant - Jason Lioh

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