Artist talk by Christopher Bauder / WHITEvoid -
Duration 43min17sec

«Digital Scenography»

Christopher Bauder started working in the field of interactive installation art and design after finishing his studies in the Digital Media Class at the Berlin University of the Arts. His projects focus on the translation of bits and bytes into objects and environments and vice versa. Space, object, sound and interaction are the key elements of his work.

In 2004 Christopher Bauder founded studio WHITEvoid as a necessity to realize his large scale art and design pieces and environments. The studio is comprised of specialists in interaction design, media design, product design, interior ar- chitecture and electronic engineering. The interactive installations and products are created for museums, exhibitions and trade fairs, festivals, concerts and clubs. WHITEvoid’s designs are exhibited and experienced internationally and have gained worldwide recognition.

“lights are screens and screens are lights. pixels become physical and tangible. buildings and spaces are shaped by computer generated patterns and mathematical algorithms. in the age of projection mapping the real and the digital world are merging to form a new reality. real and virtual worlds are inseparable." Christopher Bauder talks about chances and challenges for computer aided design and scenography.

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