Urinal STAND by Kaspars Jursons
Latvian designer Kaspars Jursons has created a urinal that encourages men
to wash their hands and saves water at the same time. Jursons' environmentally
conscious design combines an asketic shape with a simple, yet clever construction.
The urinal STAND uses the same water twice - first for washing hands and then for
flushing. STAND has a built-in sink, and while washing hands, the running water is
used to flush the urinal.
The sink is equipped with an infrared sensor in the faucet to start the water
flow, which makes STAND completely hygienic.
STAND saves space and time in public toilets, because there's no need to
install separate sinks, nor wait in line to wash hands.
Men are reminded to wash their hands after peeing by putting the sink right in
front of their eyes.

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