5D : Imagination: Creation: Authorship of the Narrative at FMX pt 2

This discussion will focus on the role of Authorship in the increasingly global process of creation. The process of sculpting a world in space and time creates an interior logic that defines both the story and the characters in relation to environment. How does technology support new artistic collaboration and change the way that we create?

Alex McDowell, RDI - Production Designer, Co-Director, 5D: the Future of Immersive Design Conference
Alex McDowell re-imagines the creative process in his production design practice ("Fight Club", "Minority Report", "The Terminal", "Watchmen"). In 2006, he was named a Royal Designer for Industry by the RSA, the UK’s most prestigious design society. Outside film, McDowell brings art and science into a new convergence, most recently in the robotic opera "Death and the Powers" with MIT Media Lab; and as Co-Director of the 5D: the Future of Immersive Design conference which presents the intersection of design, technology and storytelling in narrative media.

Filippo Costanzo, Head of Technology Research and Development, Activision
Filippo Costanzo has served as Art Director and is currently Head of Technology R&D at Activision. Costanzo is responsible for the research, experimentation and implementation of advanced technologies and production pipelines for next-generation of games and interactive entertainment. The program includes current research on digital assets acquisition, 3D scanning, photogrammetry and computer vision as well as 3D performance capture, facial animation pipeline and interactive creation and rendering techniques for large scale environments. Prior to Activision, Costanzo held various positions at visual effects production companies working on a broad range of projects including feature films, commercials, music videos, television and location based entertainment. As a director/producer he served at Simple Pictures in several commercial campaigns in 3D character animation for the Italian and European advertising market. Costanzo holds a degree in Architectural Design from the Università degli Studi di Roma "La Sapienza."

Chris deFaria, Executive Vice President, Digital Production, Warner Bros.
Chris deFaria oversees VFX and Animation development and production for Warner Bros Feature films. Recent projects include "Happy Feet", "300", "Watchmen", "Harry Potters III, IV, V and VI", "The Dark Knight" and "I Am Legend". Chris is also a Producer and his credits include "Cats and Dogs", "Looney Tunes Back in Action" and the upcoming animated feature "Guardians Of Ga’Hoole".

Juan Diaz B., Writer, Production Designer, Director, gatoencerrado films
With a mix background between Film and Arts, Juan DiazB has explore film, embracing it as a collaborative process from the conception to the final stages. Either designing, directing or writing he has approach film as a weave of visions and disciplines that interlaces during the entire process of creation. Is the production designer and co-writer of “RojoRed” a mix media (3D–liveaction-stopmotion) short film that got several awards in 2008. Is the writer and director of “By Night “ a project that wil be produced during 2009 sponsored by the Berlin Today Award of the Berlinale. DiazB Is co-founder of Gatoencerrado films a production and postproduction company that is developing various film projects at the moment.

5D Conference

Digital technologies are blurring the boundaries between the passive and active experience of visual art, entertainment, environmental design and the built environment. Out of these transformations emerge unique challenges and inspirations for those facing the creative process of world-building and storytelling in narrative media.

5D offers a progressive platform for discourse on the present and future of immersive design, and its impact on all aspects of the creative media space, by engaging creative collaborators working in a broad spectrum of disciplines and media.

This unprecedented cultural event is curated for everyone involved in design and storytelling, and the creation of immersive environments, across all mediums. Its goal is to unite a vital community of designers and image-makers from across a broad spectrum of entertainment, built environment and media disciplines, and serve as a catalyst for innovation.

Join renowned designers and thinkers for a series of inspiring, educational and career-enhancing discussions and networking, focused on the evolving nature of entertainment content creation, the challenges of world-building, and the design of experience-driven environments.



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