Now, we haven't been to many farm Weddings, as we were staying in Dubai for quite awhile. But let me tell you, Cari & Louw managed to get it right...their Farm Wedding impressed! I've never seen so much time, sweat and hard work go into the preparations of a Wedding as I saw on the 4th May. Elizabeth from Bon Ton, did her works of wonder and everything just came together beautifully.
The Wedding just had so many amazing features to it. An old barn was restored and converted into a mystical cigar lounge- everything so raw & rustic. A section of the barn was set apart as a kitchen for the chef's to create delectable gourmet delights.

The ceremony took place on a freshly ploughed piece of land, under a huge wooden structure, draped with soft, white material, dancing to the rhythm of the wind. And to perfect the peaceful, tranquil ambiance, Cari was seen in the distance coming on a white horse, wearing her Mom's Wedding dress, which complimented her so beautifully!

Set up in the garden was a Shakespeare & co. Cafe look alike, for all the guests to enjoy while Cari & Low were on their couple shoot. Not to forget all the mouthwatering creations, specially prepared by 'The Moerby Kultuur Chef's', using freshly picked goods from the farm.

I can go on and on... Sjoe, Cari & Louw , your wedding was just superb!

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