This is what we consider as the beginning. The awakening of your Wolftress spirit starts in the comfort of your home. The place where you feel most safe and where familiar surroundings bring you to your roots. Wolftress is the primitive spirit that has lived within you from the beginning of time always fighting to be true, to be released and set free. Connected to the world around Guardians and warriors of all the worlds beauty. We are all part of a pack and it’s only when we are true to our self that the Wolftress within will awaken. Move to the beat of a different drum. Dream, love, laugh, travel, learn and release the inner wild. The Wolftress Awakening Continues…

This film was put together by the most amazing Wolftress Warriors
Photography by the talented Josh Hedge
Film by Gino Zem
Makeup by Lauren Petersen
Modelled by Phoebe Abbott and Riva Thomson from The Wolves Agency -

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