When we make a video we go through a specific process beginning with the creative brief. Out of that we build a story outline that eventually turns into a script. Once we’ve got something concrete we can start thinking visually – develop a style and begin storyboarding.

One of the biggest challenges in the Sleep Genius video was explaining the science behind music. Early on we landed on this concept that ties a visual element to each scientific component. We also needed to illustrate the sophistication of Sleep Genius compared to typical white noise sleep aids.

We started with storyboards and continued to refine how this would look. I also felt the visual representation of the component should be influenced by what it does. Neurosensory algorithms trigger a motion induced sensation so use these flowing waves. We really needed to make these abstract science elements real to people. Help them relate to it and understand what it does for them.

We gave white noise a very simple visual to create contrast between Sleep Genius and typical sleep aids. I really like how rich this visual turned out.

I’m always surprised at how close the storyboards match the final video frames. It all feels very abstract in those early stages but it’s really exciting when you see it all come together. All that planning really pays off in the end.

Anybody can make something that looks pretty. But it’s sticking to that creative process that allows us to creating something effective.

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