Rebecca Minkoff teamed up with the Mustache team to shoot & produce a sizzle video of her fashion show - a straight forward task for the Mustache production team.

Our clients, however, deserve more and get more. It's our job to dig into what makes the brand special so that we can reflect that in your video.

What makes the Rebecca Minkoff brand special is her, the energy she brings, that down-to-earth approachability and the inclusive-cool that she affords her fans. There's an unmistakeable feeling that if you aren't down with her you might miss something, but if you are then you're likely to be rewarded. That had to come across in the video above.

A sizzle video of an event inherently needs to feel big and cinematic. And if it's doesn't then what's the point? You surely put a lot of work into creating a beautiful and polished, event, ad, retail experience, etc. and you know your sizzle video should be beautiful and polished too.

We want to help you create that because we know what an integral part of your campaign good video content can be.

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