My Father. One of my longest inspirations in this life. Photographer, Painter, Sculptor, Writer, Creative Thinker or simply obsessive thinker... But above all my biggest friend in this planet. YEs... The soundtrack didn't took 2 minutes thinking about it! Way many vinyl records of Dylan in the house since I remember. They surely shaped my love for music, acoustic, harmonic and the road. Wishing I can get many, many of these along the years.
If you would like to discover more about his photography visit josemariapimentel.photoshelter.com or his blog makephotosnotwar.wordpress.com full of incredibly captivating stories about his experiences as a photographer going wayyyyy back in time. Enjoy!
Picking up the camera and actually deciding that I would stop procrastinating adding my beloved family members to this project once and for all. Sometimes we just take things too much for granted.
A while ago I was completely blown away by an idea put forward by one of my inspirations and renown photographer Chase Jarvis with his 60 sec portrait of Mike Horn (blog.chasejarvis.com/blog/2010/12/60-second-portrait-mike-horn/) which happens to be another one of my adventure greatest inspirations! Combined, these two, make a very interesting and explosive cocktail of creativity and raw-ness...
The the idea of capturing more than the simply frozen moment of someone's expression seemed incredibly appealing to me. Like capturing in a bottle a living and dynamic portrait, and since then I have been experimenting with athletes, musicians, artists, friends and family.
The motor behind this exercise is to explore the relation between the subject and the lens, either it is a sense of fear, disconfort or how each person deals with the experience. It pretends to be a moment of contemplation of one's personality. Funny, boring, nervous, fearful... You tell me.
After all, being pointed a camera for 60 seconds and being asked to stay still is not an easy task for most of the people. Hope you enjoy while getting to know a bit more about each one of so many interesting characters that I have the lucky to surround myself.
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