Demo Reel 2013 Shot Breakdown

The Amazing Spiderman (2012)
(Shot 1-5)
-Ceiling light fixture model of both its normal and bended versions for school hallway fight sequence. Proportion achieved through Lidar scan data.
(Shot 6-7)
-Modeling of the building facade where Spiderman character stands. Initial proxy model provided. Responsible for the up-rez of the floors and adding details in the column and other parts of the building for the hero shots. Some of the ornaments and A/C units were taken from Sony Imageworks stock model library and modified to suit the shot purpose.

(Shot 8-10)
-Initial Dragon concept by: Kressent Rhodes
Agusta AW109 Helicopter
(Shot 11-12)
Jeep Wrangler Sahara 1993
(Shot 13)
-Shading and rendering by: Julien Romeo.
(Shot 14)
-Scan Data provided by: Julien Romeo
(Shot 15)

(Shot 16-18)
(Shot 19)
-Facial mesh modeling
-Facial Rig by: Josh McCollom
-Animation by: Trung Doan

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