Hello, I am currently pursuing an MFA in Visual Effects at Savannah College of Media and Design.
Currently looking for an internship!

1.LIME - 11weeks~ - Collaborative Graduate Thesis by Sean Carrow. Responsible for shading Willie, and modeling, texturing, shading the lime. Acted as texture lead during the production of the film which entailed texture critiquing, and final optimization of shaders, and rendering.

Programs used: Maya, Mental Ray, Zbrush

2. LIME turntable - responsible for modeling, shading tentacle, shading willie, modeling, texturing, shading, lime.

Programs used: Maya, Mental Ray, Zbrush

3.1920 inspired Indian Motorcycle - 2week project, mostly procedural textures based on tile-able files and alpha masks. New techniques explored such as occlusion based masks, and the usage of mib_color_mix to composite within Maya. Rendered using Unified Sampling within Mental Ray for Maya.

4. Vagrant Woman - 10week project - responsible for all assets - completed a thorough look development binder detailing her clothes, attitude and status in life. Rendered using Unified Sampling for Mental Ray.

5.Museum - 2week project - responsible for shading, texturing, rendering - project created to experiment with Vray shading, and rendering, currently in the process of refining shaders and textures, and final compositing.

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