I was raised in a country where the rich consume the poor
A life of disparity
You watch and wonder, "Could I ever change anything?"
So you sit back and listen as the strong weed out the meek
Without the funds, you'll never fix anything
What is your purpose? "A world where I am proud to bear young.
Not this place."

We dream of a better world, a place where we can find peace
We know the difference between insanity and trying to plead a case
We're told the melody was ringing false before, until it starts ringing true again
One old skeleton key will never open doors to a better life just around the bend

So many people will discover that the wolves don't cover well
They'll eat your income, your hopes and desires
It isn't science, they reap everything for themselves in the name of progress

If you never look around, you'll need see
What's really going down with you and me

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