This is a short video tribute entirely to the successful animated trilogy of all time "Toy Story" ("Toy Story 2").
I watched this movie countless times with my children. Every time I was thrilled and amazed by this scene. It fascinated me when Geri the Toy Repairman fixes and cleans Woody!!
I decided to make it real!
The biggest challenge was to make the whole thing an unforgettable family experience possible.
Indeed, the entire family joined the effort. For three months we shot that scene in what is probably one of the nicest family experience that we have had in recent years.

The video was produced with the generous help of a Konova Professional Total Camera Moving Solution, which provided us the entire motion control equipment.

This video motion control is based entirely on the Konova Motorized Radial Dolly (except for a few scenes uses crane from Proam)

Our impression of the motorized system is very simple: it brilliant!!!

Equipment is very professional, suitable for a wide range of sites, remarkably accurate, very reliable and can be designed and controled in a very simple and smart way using the smart remote control.
This device, along with the motor system, allows all medium and small production companies (and even larger) an uncompromising productions upgrade.

My friends; this system will make all your production into a film!
In a very reasonable market price, you get amazing tools with cinematic capabilities while your customers will get amazing results!

So go ahead, go buy this wonderful system and start to be creative!

Can be purchased on eBay, Amazon and the company website at:



(Coming soon - a little taste of the behind the scenes)


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