Robert brings 13 odd, some may say very odd, years of experience to production; starting in NYC, Sexton attended the School of Visual Arts and then relocated to LA. He attended the UCLA extension program and worked as an Editor in Hollywood. He has Produced videos for the likes of CLINT BLACK and TRISHA YEARWOOD to MARILYN MANSON, and commercials ranging from NASCAR to BURGER KING.

Director, Producer Robert Sexton has executed award winning videos for Max Cavalera’s, SOULFLY, depraved punks The Dwarves featuring The Suicide Girls Nick Oliveri from Queens of the Stoneage and MONDO GENERATOR, metal legends, DEATH ANGEL, the nihilistic Casey Chaos and his doomsday machine, AMEN, The Hangmen, Graceland and Hollywood Legends, Pigmy Love Circus featuring Danny Carey from TOOL.

Robert’s, “LEGION: The Word Made Flesh”**, is always a favorite at FANGORIA’s WEEKEND OF HORRORS and was one of the first movies shown on the debut of Fangoria TV. Robert won the “Best Director” award presented by Alice Cooper at the Eerie Horror Fest. His Movies have won, been invited to and been the official selection in many prestigious film festivals around the country and around the world.

Robert has documented the live antics of such luminaries as MONDO GENERATOR, which at the time included members of QOTSA, Dave Grohl of the FOO FIGHTERS and bass player Twiggy of MARILYN MANSON. NPR’s favorite RAMSAY MIDWOOD at HOUSE OF BLUES, documented AMEN . Toured with and shot numerous bands including THE DWARVES in Australia, Europe, Japan and the soundstages of PLAYBOY in beautiful Glendale, CA for a future career spanning, long form DVD.

His job and life experiences have enabled him to forge close personal relationships with top production crews, vendors, post facilities and creative artists all over the world. He is funny, good looking and humble. Ask him yourself.

Special Skills:

Always stunning, always a ray of sunshine. A veritable box of fluffies, that talks of himself in the 3rd person.

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