Esther Wrobel & Cie Lezartikal

"As was gravity suspended..." 4 stars , Monna Dithmer, Politiken

“THE ROOM is one of those performances that defy both gravity and common human perception of the body's capacity. It is a both fascinating and frightening physical play with spatial perspectives and our own consciousness. Welcome to aerial dance surreal reality.” Gert Poder, Arbejderen. 5 stars

Performance: Milou (Emilie Loger) and Esther Wrobel
Composer: Camilla Barratt- Due
Animator: Samuel Moore
Choreography: Esther Wrobel
Light Design: Maurice L' Ampoule
Costume: KIPYK - Emilie Georget
Produced by: Esther Wrobel & Cie Lezartikal

reviews above translated from danish

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