The best Northern Lights journeys on the Planet
Norway Nature Travel - Din Tur ( wish to give you the best Northern Lights holiday possible for as low costs as possible. By offering economic self-catered accommodation and recommending you to arrange your own flights we are able to give you a high-standard Aurora-holiday at low costs.
To make sure of that we have put up a certain standard that all our co-operators and hosts are supposed to follow. When choosing a Din Tur Northern Lights destination you are guaranteed
High standard, self-catering accommodation situated in the best area for Northern Lights on the Planet. With Din Tur you pay the same, whether you are one or six persons sharing a holiday house. This way your Aurora holiday gets more economical the higher number of persons you choose to share your accommodation with.
Fixed view-points from where you can enjoy the Aurora un-interrupted close to your accommodation. Your host will show you the place without charging any guiding fees
A fixed fireplace close to your accommodation, where you can warm yourself when watching or waiting for the Aurora
An information folder where you can find useful information about Where, When and How to find Northern Lights, How to dress, How to photograph Northern Lights etc.
Knowledgeable, helpful, available and friendly hosts
Restaurant and attraction recommendations
Online booking and payment on web

Besides of that many of our destinations can offer
A pre-programmed GPS that guides you to the most photogenic Aurora-sites on your destination
Guided aurora-trips on snow shoes, skiis, dog sledge or by foot
Photographical tours with experienced Aurora-photographers

Why Aurora borealis?
Imagine you were the first person ever to experience the Northern Lights. Suddenly the dark night were no longer dark, but lit up by a fluorizing, ghosty light - dancing over your head in unpredictable movements. Ghosts? Extra-terrestrials? The Gods? It would indeed have been a frightening sight - something impossible to escape from. Even now many norwegians claim the Northern Lights to bring luck if you treat it with respect, but eternal misery if you enrage it. Today we dont escape from the Aurora - we go to the north of Norway to discover it and to encourage it to give us eternal luck...

Why Norway?
Nowhere else on our Planet the Auroral activity is as easy accessed as in the northern parts of Scandinavia and - in particular - Norway. Come here between October and April, and your chance of success could not be better. Norways well developed infrastructure makes it easy to get around here by plane or by car. Many of the biggest flight operators in Europe run direct flights to Tromsø, Kirkenes, Alta, Bodø and Harstad - all excellent destinations for your Northern Lights holiday

We are also glad to help you arranging transport, rental car and flights on request. Feel free to contact us, and we`ll do our best to help you.

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