What happens when two wedding professionals who own a film production company GET ENGAGED? An over the top wedding proposal!

From Amanda’s Point of View -

Once upon a time, at a bridal show not far away, a videographer approached me in my booth and asked me if I had seen his work before, and if I’d be attending his upcoming open house and marketing seminar. Assuming his work was similar to the work I’ve been less impressed with in the past, I flashed my best sales smile, politely shook his hand, and wished him the best of luck with the remainder of the show. Perhaps I should have been a little less judgmental and walked over to his booth (one, small, bride filled aisle away) to actually see his (brilliant) work and it could have been love-at-a-bridal show-first sight, but alas, no epic love saga can occur quite that easily. Let the obstacles continue, when I so kindly told him (on a separate occasion, I might add) that his marketing materials “needed help,” and demanded to know why he would dare to use stock imagery in said marketing materials.

Setting the scene for a romantic comedy featuring mistaken identities, awkwardness, coincidental encounters, and spectacular declarations of love? That’s us. Best. Story. Ever. (At least we think so.)

So here we are, 15 bridal shows, a dozen or more networking events, and three romance, drama, and comedy, filled years later, on our favorite day of the year: the 4th of July.

Did I see it coming? Not in a million years (yes, it’s what they always say, but this time it’s true). My favorite holiday of the year, coupled with my favorite man in the world – looking particularly dashing in his Newport whites that day, I was in a perfect state of contentment and happiness. He was so calm on the exterior, sampling wine on a Vineyard tour, relaxing on the Lawn at Castle Hill, snacking on lobster sliders and gin martinis, watching the boats passing in the harbor and just genuinely enjoying each other. By dinner I felt like we were one of those couples that other diners envy (or make sick), talking about our favorite 4th of July moments over the years, our favorites dates, being lovey dovey. Even the Wellfleet Oysters and Cakebread Sauvignon Blanc tasted better (not that they actually needed any help.)

(This is the point of the movie where the viewers say, how did she not see it coming!?)

Would you like any dessert? Let’s order when I get back from the restroom. Bliss. Bliss. Bliss.

“Hi, I’m Marisa, one of Leslie’s Wedding Belles.”
WHAT. (don’t freak out, don’t freak out)
“And I have something from David that you need to sit here and watch.”

(breath. don’t freak out, don’t freak out. don’t cry.) FAIL.

Enter, your boyfriend looking dashing as James Bond, wielding a gun, your brother as a butler, your own personal hair and makeup team, a lot of screeching, a new dress, a guitar player, a sunset cruise, fireworks, a proposal, a stunning diamond, a photographer, and your family and friends all in on the plot.

Do moments like this happen in real life? Rarely. In all of our favorite love stories, the movie ends with an epic proposal or wedding dance montage. My real life romantic comedy had the best scripted middle that I could have ever dreamed of, because wait till you see the rest of our happily ever after.

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