© 2009 Kenneth Onulak


For this project I had to shoot 3 sets of 50 objects that I found in everyday life (150 objects in total). Shot on ones (24 objects to 1 second) using a replacement method I experimented having objects animate on their own.

The goal of this was to see animation in everyday life all around me in simple objects that you can find lying around. It was a fun Project that I experimented a lot with. Look forward to other shorter clips of just sets of 50 objects in the future.

I got inspiration for what to shoot from my freshman year in college. My 2D teacher had us paint random objects white then we mounted them to a white wall. I thought it would make for an exciting and interesting set of objects. The other objects followed a similar idea branched off of my first idea, such as the blue objects on a blue background.

The leaves I gather and ordered them into a progression making them appear to grow and then wither away. I attempted different things with each video and really liked the results. It was a fun rather simple assignment that was good for experimenting with.

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