Yesterday was heart wrenching, I'll admit. I got to show up and hang out with Haley before the rest of the crowd arrived in order to do a little preemptive documenting, and I just couldn't stop staring at her hair.

While I know the popular statement now is 'bald is sexy' or 'bald is better', Haley had gorgeous hair and there's no denying that. But while the act of shaving her head was a reminder of how awful cancer is, is was also Haley's way of saying "I will NOT let this disease control me".

As you can see if you did or will watch the video, Haley has such a beautiful spirit and smiles more than most. She stands as a representative of the strength that one can find when they lean full-heartedly into God. Not saying that she doesn't have days where she doesn't want to get off the couch, or finds herself crying in lament; it doesn't mean that she doesn't understand the gravity of the situation. But it means that she knows where she is grounded, and because of that, she is still able to retain joy.

I am so thankful for this girl's friendship, and I trust that she'll continue unintentionally teaching me life lessons in the years to come.

So, Haley.. You are beautiful, you are loved, and your bald head is sexy. Wear it proudly.

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