A friend (João Pedro Matos Fernandes), which happens to be actually living in Mozambique, threw out a sentence to the heart of a working group like this one that stayed forever marked in my brain and in my heart. He said:
- Don´t make confusion between working in joy and a bad sense of responsibility. It is laughing that you are able to produce a good work
And that multidisciplinary group, working in the Azorean coastal area management, commanded by the fantastic Ana Barroco (Quaternaire, Portugal), was a living image of what he meant to say. More than 10 years after, this working team is still breathing joy at work, no matter those who left and those who joined in, and I believe that it will last forever.
In this African cross country it happens exactly the same, without need for the sentence to be said. It was actually said by our instincts, at every hour and every minute of this FUNTASTIC journey. Despite going through exhausting days, painted with colours of toothaches (Miracle man), broken backs tortured by jumps in impossible roads and smashed by the dreisin hard suspensions (Broken Back) or by the African dizziness that you never know if it is a problem of food, malaria or something else (The Holy Mother of Waters), the smile never felt and miracles just happened at the rhythm of a clap (Miracle man). Everything under the fantastic supervision of the Commodore, who conquered that extraordinary achievement in Africa of doing everything as scheduled. At the end he was with a toasted ear as a result of so many hours on the phone, but he never lost his “north” and his smile. And I, quietly seated in my corner, feel the same thing I felt with the Azorean adventure.
In our way back, we couldn´t deny ourselves a jump to a Portuguese pride that Broken Back had wined for us: the Dam of Cahora Bassa. A little bit of tha shining Portugal that we are proud of to compensate the shadowed Portugal that we actually have. Guyamas Sonora (Beirut) is perfect to illustrate that trip, that place, those friends, those smiles. Join along and smile with us.

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