There have been several efforts to shut down the enormous supply of prescription pain medications finding their way on the streets. In 2008 the Ryan Haight Online Pharmacy Act was passed giving the DEA authority o shut down illicit online pharmacy websites. Now they are turning to Pain Management Clinics. CNN asks, "Are these Pain Management Clinics or dope dealers?" Watch people actually accessing these clinics and decide for yourself.

Opiate addiction (painkillers like OxyContin,oxycodone, Opana, oxymorphone, Lortab, Percocet, Vicodin, Dilaudid, hydrocodone) is taking over individuals' lives and sweeping the nation. It is the most difficult addiction to break and often leads to heroin.
Addiction is a disease, a physical, biological, and psychological dependency. You may be a very good, responsible person. You may have only taken medication as it was prescribed. But now you are stuck. Get help now:
Tulsa 877-341-3017
Oklahoma City 405-672-3033!/groups/167795009955435/

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