Student Film
Produced/Directed: Jim Petersen & Nick Scott
Music: Raul Emilio Reyes & Rudi Schmidt
Narration: Nang Seng

Filmed Secretly over a month and a half along the Thai/Burmese border; Kaw Thoo Lei: A Land Without Evil is the story of the longest running civil war in modern history and a young Karen refugee named Eh Htee.

Having escaped Burma and oppression by its ruthless military regime, Eh Htee is now faced with the challenge of growing up and studying in Mae La, a refugee camp in Thailand holding over 37,000 Karen and minority refugees. The film follows Eh Htees study for his final exams up until his return into Burma to find the family he hasn't seen for six years.

Kaw Thoo Lei: A Land Without Evil documents the story of the Karen through the eyes of Eh Htee and the characters the film meets as it takes the audience on a tour around an area that has become the backdrop for civil war and mass genocide. Eh Htee becomes a guide to the story of the Karen, a group of people that have been surrounded by war and suffering for over 60 years.

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