Cyborganic Plants is an interactive installation that uses organic life forms – plants extended with electrical receptors. The receptors enable interaction with the plants and recognition of their expression and their intimate world. The installation consists of 4 objects-plants each representing a different "personality" type:

plant 1 – CyberJucca (pol. Juka piezoszczera) – when touched it will express its feelings with words depending on the type of the contact (e.g. "nice", "it hurts", etc.),
plant 2 – Lumicena Dracui (pol. Światłoród Palmiasty) – when touched it will change its colours (with the use of a led system implemented in its organism),
plant 3 – Sonificus (pol. Brzmień fikuśny) – it will be an extroverted musical plant, a biological sound interface,
plant 4 – Monstereodon (pol. Żywiolist) – the "lord of the elements", it affects the exterior evoking a stroboscopic light fluttering, gusts of air, by changing the exterior lighting, causing rain or seismic waves.

Recipients thanks to direct contact with the trans-biological plants will create spontaneous multimedia situations. At the same time, the electrically reinforced and thus more alive biological forms can be a starting point in a discussion about non-human biotechnology and the plants intelligence (Anthony Trewavas, „Aspects of Plant Intelligence”). This work aims at the extraordinary potential of plants and investigation of their behaviours, ability to analyze stimuli and to communicate with other plants or animals. The studies of Stanisław Karpiński group have proven that not only do plants react to light but also they remember (!) its colour and intensity and are able to transfer the information about those parameters from one leaf to another. The work is a realization of the fusion of the biological with the technical.

The aim of the project is to deepen the man-plant relations, to show plants interior activities, like the change of voltage in their bodies, to show with the aid of technological implements their peculiar microcosm. Florianne Koechlin wrote "the way in which we deal with plants affects our attitude towards living world, plants, animals as well as to ourselves". The fusion of plants and technology enables plants to express their inner world, say about their feelings, release their expression with relation to man.

Cyborganic Plants was part of Transnature is Here exhibition at MALTA Festival 2013

video by Światosław Wojtkowiak
Edited by Patryk Lichota
graphics by Natalia Stachura
voice acting - Monika Dąbrowska

technical support - Jacek Nowaczyk, Jakub Staśkowiak

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