The Staff of Harekrishna Silk, Man's Choice, Salems & Harekrishna Banting got a date with Pantai Morib Banting, so this is there story before the sunset as the sea low tide, we have walked more than 4 KM towards the sea.

Besides sandy beaches, Morib also have mudflats and mangrove swamps ...seawards. ... It was low tide and the mudflat was a sheer drop of over 13 feet below our feet

Morib was formerly a popular beach located in Selangor, Malaysia. Morib Beach (Pantai Morib) is a quiet seaside tourist attraction which is historically noted for being one of the first landing points on the west coast for the British and Indian Army liberation forces during World War II. It is a small but suitable beach for swimming.

Story in Tamil, i will update transcript

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