Shot Breakdowns

01 Keyframe animation. Beetle character model. V can model, shading, lighting.
02 Lead keyframe animation, Blastcode FX.
03 Keyframe animation.
04 Lead keyframe animation.
05 Keyframe animation.
06 The Great Gatsby (2013) - Opening/closing titles, S3D lensing/setup, all animation.
07 The Sapphires - Helicopters, keyframe animation.
08 The Sapphires - All animation, helicopters, vehicles, people.
09 The Sapphires - CG rotor and blades, animation, shading, lighting, rendering.
10 Bait 3D - Keyframe animation, Blastcode FX.
11 Bait 3D - CG Fish, keyframe animation.
12 Keyframe animation.
13 Modeling, animation, lighting, shading, rendering.
14 Modeling, animation, lighting, shading, rendering.

Coming Soon

I, Frankenstein
The Railway Man

Music: Mr. Handagote - Machinarium Soundtrack - Tomáš Dvořák

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