Testing the Walkera Hoten-X - modified with a GoPro and a ImmersionRC VTX, flying FPV in the riverbed.

Details of the Hoten-X modifications at FPVguy.com

The GoPro at 75grams is really too heavy for the Hoten, but might work OK on a day with less wind. the thing is so light, you can see how it struggles to get going when I turn around up-river and start flying back into the wind, the lightweight hoten struggles to penetrate the wind and get going. You can also see how it struggle with balance up higher when it encounter a bit more wind speed.
While it is possible to fly the GoPro with the hoten, it is borderline, and I plan to replace the GoPro with the HoryzonHD camera which is about 35grams lighter. that should make a big difference and still get pretty good 1080p video.

Having said that. if you fly this just with a ImmersionRC video transmitter and a standard lightweight flightcam, this thing is incredible easy to fly, and will get you about 8 minutes per battery. with the extra weight of the GoPro my timer was set to 5 minutes which seemed ok but getting a little sluggish at the end.

Ultimately, the aircraft cost about $200. its hard to beat for getting into FPV flying. and a easy cheap airframe to fly. I don't count the video gear as I typically move it from one airframe to another.
You probably want a couple of extra batteries. ;-)
I got my Hoten from walkerahelicoptersupply.com/collections/multi-rotor-craft-collection/products/hoten-x
You want the "Brushless BNF - NO camera, TX, with Battery and charger" option, I don't really recommend the Walkera FPV cam as it buffers the video and I crashed repeatedly while testing the Walkera camera for the Hoten.

I will be putting a writeup and links to the 3D print mount I made for the custom fit of the GoPro on the Hoten, alone with a HorzonHD mount for the Hoten, I think the lighter HoryzonHD will fly better. FPVguy.com

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